O Secret Spirit, subtler than the subtlest as You are,
Yet You have inhabited these fragile earthen frames,
To make Yourself tangible, accessible to the soul of man.
You speak through Them each word they say,
You pour through Them the molten gold of an invisible Sun.

Before I caught a glimpse of Them, arranged by a lucky accident,
Like a lost tragic note cries moaning in the hopeless night,
My desolate life was a tedious stretch of a wretched play,
A huge senseless waste, a perpetual gnawing affliction.

Had I not met Them and borne Their transmuting gaze,

I could never, never have believed
That the Divine is so wonderful, all love and compassion.

Like a passionate moth burning madly for the embrace of fire,

My whole being yarns to be possessed by the divine sweetness
Till nothing is left of the amalgam that is myself.

In answer to my desperate longing,
You have pressed a tiny  down from the benign peaks,
Melt and purify the petrified filth and gloom of the ages.

My soul now deeply satisfied, a happy one-note hymn of faith,

Throbs faintly with gratitude, drowned in the symphony of Grace.

Glory to You, my Friend, Sweetheart, Master, Guide and Queen,
Glory to Your Messengers, Emanations and Incarnations.
Glory to the earthly bodies filled with the Holy Spirit

.Niranjan Guha Roy