My highest aspiration finds its full satisfaction
As soon as the Mother Sarvamangala, appears in my consciousness.
It is the Mother of whom every gesture is a blessing,
A supreme good, a divine present full of divine, eternal wealth.
At the contact of the Mother, Sarvamangala,
One becomes, an ocean of kindness;
Everything becomes the Love, Beauty, Harmony.
All existence is in the tight embrace of the Divine Mother,
A quiet bottomless kindness, without border,
A quiet happiness which cures in an instant any darkness, suffering,
Separation among the Creator and His Creation,
The Mother and Her incalculable children.

Manifest Yourself in my soul,
Dominate and guide my whole being.
Om Douce Mère, sarvamangala,
Kindness transcendental absolute.

Om namo Bhagavate.
Om Sri Aurobindo, benevolent Master,
Faithful Friend of all the beings.

N.Guha Roy 2002