The highest wisdom from all points of view is to give oneself to the divine will. Because after all, it is the divine will which is being accomplished at every moment through apparent collaboration, non-collaboration, resistance and revolt. What is this divine will? It is the absolute law of love based on the vision of the indivisible supreme divine Reality, the Being, the Lord, the Mother, the Eternal, where one sees nothing but the Divine in everything and the substance of everything, where there is no moment except of the Divine, where there is no other aim than the enjoyment of the felicity and love. How can we be certain of this law of love, the divine will? Unless we have become identified with the Divine entirely, exclusively, it is difficult to perceive and realize this law in action. So the ultimate wisdom is to call upon the divine will, His law of love, His sacrifice of Oneness to take possession of us entirely, to do its work without consent and collaboration or in spite of them and even against their refusal and resistance. If our call is sincere the law of love is accomplished however poor might be the instrumental being. By our passivity to the law we can allow it to be fulfilled.

As we become more and more open to the divine reality our participation in this law of love becomes more and more active, dynamic and effective. In the first stages even if we do not feel the love so much there can be a peace of infinity which is invariable, impartial, equal and works for the highest good for all the beings, and as our contact with the divine reality increases and as we become more and more possessed by the divine reality and identified with it, the law of love becomes operative and effective and all embracing. We need not bother about the worthiness of any being or beings to receive and respond to this law of love – according to the development of the beings and their response to this highest Love there will be automatically, spontaneously, inevitably formation of a collectivity or groups like the galaxies around each divine inspiration and the blossoming would be spontaneous, everything directed by, presided over by the Lord of sacrifice of love, by the Divine Mother Herself through Her active Presence in all things and beings and beyond.


Niranjan Guha Roy