In a state of meditation, we become conscious of the Divine in all, beyond all, in the normal state of consciousness, we are very much human and see everything in a human way.  There is as if a thick covering on it through which no light can come in.  At times, everything becomes divine but the experience does not last for long.  When we see the Brahman in all and everywhere, then there is no problem.  We are uplifted into a world where there is no problem at all.  It is a world of total harmony and beauty.  All is truly divine eternally.  The disguise of forms falls away.  We  see the players in their costumes for the drama.  It is so strange and unfamiliar to the human consciousness that the physical mind is unable to accept it as real.  The difference between the two states of consciousness is so great that they seem to have no connection or bridge between them.  There is no transition like white becoming gradually blue or red.  These two states can alternate for years and years, sometimes one can be stronger than the other.

There is another great difficulty.  When one lives in the divine consciousness, one cannot not really, fully act in the divine way for the physical mind of other people would never understand it.  Also, when one lives in the physical consciousness, one cannot act in the divine way.  It would be an imitation, ineffective, not genuine.  With the emergence of the psychic being, most of the violence and folly of the untransformed human nature could be avoided but as long as the physical consciousness is not wholly transformed, there is a double nature – sometimes divine, at other times undivine, even antidivine.  As the Divine consciousness transforms the physical consciousness, as one acquires more and more the divine nature, one has to face a new problem.  How to live and act in a world which is not conscious of the Divine.  Unless one lives in the divine consciousness, one cannot truly recognise another person living in the divine consciousness.  Human beings generally cannot tolerate anyone claiming to live in a higher consciousness. History is a faithful witness of this tragic human feature.  Christs big and small have most often been burnt and crucified in all countries throughout the ages.  Earth is not yet quite a safe place for the divine beings.

The psychic being is  easily covered up with the diabolic upsurge of all the dirt and filth accumulated over ages.   Yet if one lives in the Divine consciousness even for a moment, one realises how absurd and distorted, twisted and dangerously perverted is the human point of view.  The spiritual Sun emanates constantly the light, power , ananda, peace and harmony and the riches of the divine consciousness.  It is partial to none, rejects no one, spreads Its Light equally on everyone.  It all depends on our receptivity.  The more we receive , the closer we move to oneness, light and immortality.  The single purpose is to create a divine race.  The more one is receptive, the more he is likely to become a spiritual being.

The Divine is not far or near according to the ordinary human standards.  We can live constantly in His gracious presence.  It all depends how far we are willing to give up our ego and its incurable blindness.  When we live with the Divine, we live in a different world.  There are no problems whatsoever.  The Divine alone is real.  He lives and acts in numberless bodies.  It is His play, His manifestation -: this hairy caterpillar, that majestic swan, this lovely horse, that monstrous tyrant, this bird-loving saint, this blind woman, that murdered child, this pure white lotus are sketches from His unfathomable mysterious Lila.  For Him there is no birth nor death, no going or coming.  A single infinite Being, incalculably numerous, ever changing, ever unfolding its hidden marvellous contents through eternity.  When the golden lid over the human ignorant mind is removed, then we are admitted into this ineffable Splendour.

Only the Divine Mother can do it if our aspiration is sincere and our surrender perfect.

Om Sri Aurobindo, Om Douce Mère.


Niranjan Guha Roy