If one could remember the Mother while at work and consider it as entrusted to us by the Mother,  all belonging to the Mother , any work will become at every second a service dedicated to the Mother. The more we consider this world as belonging to the Mother who is taking care of it in Her absolute wisdom and love, the more we will become aware of Her Presence in things and beings and beyond everything.
If we can remind ourselves everyday that this world was a ball of fire and now is a miracle of human drama, then we will step into the Mystery of God, His self creation. Each thing, each being, lives and glows for a second in the eternity. Behind it all, supporting all, substance of all, forever unseizable yet tangible, perceptible is the supreme fascination, a joy, a love, a beauty which compels us to live and enjoy and pursue It through all time. Once we have a glimpse of Him, of Her, then the life becomes a rhapsody, a song of delight, a game of chase, hide and seek, a tireless happy play with the sweet Companion.

As long as we are attached to the surface glitter, as long as we are satisfied with fugitive pleasures, as long as we are bound and enclosed in our little self, we miss this grand liberation, the vast measureless self play, the Lila of the Divine.
The Mother is the key, the door, the bridge, the stairway, the wide luminous straight auspicious, secure crystal paved Highway to that liberation.


N.guha Roy 1984