As long as one is human, small or big, rich or poor, president or sweeper, it is all the same. Unless there is a fundamental change in the outlook on life, a spiritual search and a sincere aspiration to be more than an ordinary human being, one can never come out of the obscure, ignorant, painful, human existence.

The Supramental Consciousness has brought the Supreme Light and it is bound to awaken the consciousness wherever there is the least possibility. I am always looking for a sign of greater opening in the consciousness. In spite of the unsettled state of the world, there is a visible progress. People are more and more aware of the imperative need of a durable, peaceful world union. The more our surrender to Her and union with the Mother will grow, the more the world will move towards the noble Ideal of the Divine Life.
Our sole sacred duty is to be more and more aware of the Divine Mother, so that She may transform our ignorance into a luminous divine consciousness.


Niranjan Guha Roy 1986