In a personal way, our music and dance have only one purpose to communicate, to get in touch with the Divine and express Him through joy, love and gratitude.

As a matter of fact any work should have the same purpose, the same ultimate goal. The work will differ according to the nature of the inner being of each one but the basic approach to work must be invariable. As our surrender grows, our sense of consecration develops, our vision gets clarifed, we are led gradually to the work or works which are most deeply satisfying to our temperament and inner nature. This understanding of the nature of the inner law of the being and its true demands require great calmness and detachment and above all a luminous impartiality. We are often very partial to our egoistic demands and weaknesses which often distort and veil our true nature, our true inner law of the being. If we are unable to discern the true nature of our work and activities, as it happens often, we must leave to the Master of Works our life and work with a loving faith in His power of discrimination. He can only do whatever is the best for us. Why is it so necessary to become aware of the inner law of our being? For the simple reason that we will be then doing the works which are very particularly special to us. In the deepest sense it is some special aspect of the Divine that each one of us is called to work for and gradually manifest. If we follow our true inner law of being, then the path becomes relatively short practically free from hesitation, doubts and vacillations. And there is a joy and force in doing whatever work is special to each one of us. A spirit of surrender and dedication to the Divine will gradually lead us to the unfolding of the inner law and the beginning of its fulfillment.