Life is changing at each instant like the flowing waters of the Ganges.
Nothing remains, foes, family, friends, husbands, wives and children.
One never knows where one would end up, nothing is sure.
In this wild rush of events, is there a safe corner anywhere?
Men are swept away by hurrying time uncaring,
Like dry leaves in a strong wind helplessly, topsy-turvy.
Where can we find a secure platform under our feet!
Behind this dizzy race of today chasing tomorrow forever,
There is a Spirit-Space, a vast limitless domain of eternal Peace,
The infinite Mother-Presence rapt in blissful trance.
When we take refuge with utmost faith at Her Feet,
The moving and the unmoving, the mobile and the immobile,
Fuse together into Something mysterious, soothing,
Ecstatic, marvellous like the serene face of the Mother
Breaking into a soul-bewitching ravishing Smile.
Rushing, breaking, roaring, advancing in a cavalcade,
Or calm, unmoving, flooding, reposing in a wide lake,
The goddess Ganga is a tiny reflection of the Eternal Mother.
Nothing moves, impossible to catch up when we run after it.
Remain immobile, the world takes delight in a frenzied dance around us.
Mobile or immobile, the Mother remains the most irresistible Mystery.

Niranjan Guha Roy 1987