There is a magical substance all around us. It becomes anything and everything ~ out of fire mimosa is born, through the forest of bamboo the wind flows enthralled by the magnificence of subtle majestic symphonies, all around is a sacred greatness, the marvellous Face of a mysterious Mother ~ in the color of the rusty leaves, in the fireworks of a sunset, in the iris of a stranger ~ we catch a glimpse of a mystery which forever eludes u,  yet irresistibly, hopelessly draws us forever to some shrouded love, compassion, beauty and immortal sweet and charming Presence. Train your eyes, your thoughts, your feelings and senses to see and feel and profoundly enjoy that eternal becoming, that One who is taking all these million shapes and forms, continuously tricking us with His incalculable masks and movements, delighting in this mad, intoxicating divine revelry. Nothing is true what you see, all are appearances, faces and fronts of a marvellous Reality. There is no haste, there is no death, there is only change, transformation, transmutation. From the fire came the unicellular body which has developed into the living human being. The so-called master of the earth is but the magician’s momentary flash of His art; even the highest gods, the most powerful ones we can conceive of, the most beautiful ones we can think of are dream figures and wave faces of an ocean of unbounded fathomless delight and mystery. Time and space are His magic substance and means for play: Lila. We live a hundred years, the Universe lives a numberless billion years. New isotopes live for a billionth of a second. Alice can create a universe bigger than this universe in the boundless space of the heart of an isotope which lives for a billionth of a second. It is all the magic of the relativity; but this is not all – as in a dim light, you see only a little around the room, and in the starlight a little more, and in the sunlight the clear continents, so too there are so many eyes which go through wall after wall in unexplorable mystic dimensions. Let your mind be strong, your heart steady, your nerves and body peaceful like the granity of the Sphinx, then you will not be afraid when the Eternity from its fathomless depths will begin to look at you and reveal its courtyards. When Moses saw the Divine, he too was afraid. The Eternal has to hide Himself from our eyes for a long, long time. He has to strengthen our path, fortify our spirit and steel our nerves so that one day we can bear His compassionate touch.

 One day we  will see that at each instant, everything in the universe is determined by the Divine, for there is nothing else except the Divine and  everything in the universe is exactly what the Divine wants it to be for His universal delight of existence.


N.Guha Roy 1975