White dreams, blue dreams, my golden dreams…
I see a magic city rise amidst barren cliffs,
Cathedrals replace the hills, children blossom in fields,
Perennial rivers flow through the hungry desert lips,
Little springs push aside giant boulders of granite.
I see priceless diamonds mingled with broken glass and odd bits.
Adieu, black dreams, adieu sad and somber dreams,
Come blue dreams, white dreams, come happy golden dreams.

Inheritors of Bliss, we can toy with pain and death,
Born out of Love, we must savor its poignant shades
Assured of our single Origin, we sever the roots from the Tree.

The real becomes an illusion with each new awakening.
Each grain of sand in a galaxy contains another star city.
The night conceals in her robes an ever-new unborn sun.
Each waking is a deeper dream,
A blue dream, a white dream and a golden dream.

N. Guha Roy