Some are satisfied with the petty round of uneventful life,
Content to continue as their elders did, closed to the evolutionary urge,
And refuse to move forward, refuse to budge from mortal immobility,

O souls burning with an inner fire for change, for perfection,
God and Nature are your friends, but do not shout victory too soon.
Many frontiers have to be broken, all barriers separating man
From the Supreme Divine have to be erased until the soul
Emerges in the everlasting daylight of peace, harmony, Bbiss,
And indivisible unity and oneness embracing all creation.

The vilest of man lodges in his secret heart the highest Divinity.
As the inner Divinity stirs in his sleep, as he gradually wakes up,
An unprecedented upheaval shakes the very foundation of life.
Man, the dreamer, the visionary, the seeker of Truth is born.
The cramped boundaries of human knowledge dissolves suddenly
Into an unimaginable boundless Infinity of peace and light,
An oceanic Love invades and floods his life, mind, body and soul.
Shafts of supernal Light pour down through the broken ceiling
Of his mind and reveal the secret code of the eternal plan.
This bloody world of ceaseless wars disappears like an unreal mirage.
Each being, form or face becomes a poignant symbol, a miracle,
A ravishing glimpse of an unfathomable mysterious Presence.

Rejoice, there is nothing to fear. The sleeping Godhead in man
Is rising and will possess him entirely, fill him with divinity
Not man, but his ignorance, suffering and ego shall die.
Supremely conscious Mother Nature is creating a divine race.
Just as man emerged through a few million years from the ape,
So too now, the divine man will emerge out of this mental race.
God is Peace, Love, Joy, Beauty, Harmony, inexhaustible Infinity.
A new earth will manifest where brother does not kill brother,
No one goes hungry, no child weeps, no woman is dishonored.
Where all the barriers of caste, creed, color, religion and wealth
Disappear in a natural fraternity based on the Eternal One.
Even the snakes, wolves, sharks and marauders will become friends.
The terrible curse of the original sin will be lifted forever,
There will be singing and dancing and laughter in every hamlet.
Man will cease to be a diabolical beast, a cunning cannibal.
There no one would be a stranger, each one a true brother or sister.
The soul will recognise the Supreme Mother in every woman,
The Lord in all men and creatures.

God is closed as in a bud in every atom of this universe.
Once all the inner doors are fully open to the Light,
We shall feel God’s body in whatever we touch and feel,
We shall hear the voice of Silence in every sound here,
Be thrilled with His silvery laughter in rippling water
And swoon in ecstasy in the grip of His sweet Power.

This is only the amazing opening scene of an inconceivable epic-drama.
God cannot be enclosed in a church, mosque or temple,
Nor His ways can ever be petrified in a text however sublime.
For the born-blind the sun does not exist nor the earth.
Far above and beyond the mind is the Supreme Eternal One.
The divine man is a friend of all creation, a living Power
Of Peace and Harmony, a kind healer of heart, mind and body.
The flame in his soul will ignite fire in many sleeping souls.
The Mother Divine stands smiling behind the curtain of Nature.
No one can be excluded; we are all Her children, portions of the One.
Like rain, Her blessings are falling on thirsty souls.

Niranjan Guha Roy