The evolution proceeded perfectly before the coming of man – man too is just a product of evolution, he is not the creator or the power who creates this world. At the moment he is moved and led forward through his ignorance, weakness and obscurity and suffering by the Supreme Power. He can aspire to be conscious of Her action, of Her aim in life. He can aspire to be a conscious, humble, simple servant and instrument, a child, Her conscious portion in the world drama possessed and moved by Her alone. But to arrive at this difficult and sacred consummation, what must he do? What are the steps of his ascension and preparation?

1) To discover the Soul or the Divine personality in us by concentration on the heart center. The result would be the liberation into the consciousness of immortality and divine existence. There is no question or imagination or guesswork or even wishful thinking. It is an undeniable, unmistakable state of consciousness self-evident requiring no proof.

2)     The first movement as it deepens and widens will lead to the opening of all the centers in the being, especially one above the head known as the thousand petaled lotus. This opening will have concrete results constantly verifiable whenever one concentrates, meditates or wills; a consciousness, a power or force or light or joy or peace will come down through the head into the body to the heart center. This will be a normal experience; eventually this descent will be a continuous flow practically constant during waking, during sleeping, during work or leisure. The intensity will vary. The Divine Mother will pour Herself more and more in the instrument more and more purified, more and more transformed. There will be a constant widening and deepening of the consciousness accompanied by hundreds of spiritual experiences and constant revelations. The inner subtle walls separating us from the Cosmic Consciousness, from the Divine Consciousness will break down or explode under the pressure of the descending forces or the powers rising from within. This is a very dangerous and dramatic and heroic period of sadhana. Every human being is the quintessence of all the manifestation, of all that is beyond the manifestation. The high and the low join in him. There will be constant unrelenting battle in his being and consciousness between the lords of darkness and the beings of light, truth and greatness. There is no escape from this inner battle. At every moment the choice has to be made. Our only safeguard is to aspire and call down more and more the Divine Mother – consciousness, force – into our being. It is Her gradual and more and more complete descent that will eventually transform this human nature into the divine being. Nothing else could do it.

The key is an absolute surrender to the Divine at each instant with the knowledge that whatever happens in our life or in the life of the universe has been permitted and initiated by the Supreme Consciousness. There should be a joyful, obedient acceptance of every being, thing and movement in the universe. There must be at the same time a growing will to do at every instant what the Divine wants us to do. There must be an anxiety, a keen eagerness, an unfaltering faithfulness and loyalty and fervor to execute the Divine Will. This knowledge of the Divine Will can grow with our growing surrender and progressive annihilation of the ego. We must see the Spirit and the Divine in everyone and everything. The Absolute has taken an ephemeral relative form withholding in it all His absoluteness. It is the play, the Lila of the Divine Being, being all powerful, being all vision, being all wisdom, He is the lame, the blind, the wicked, the distorted for the sake of play and the sheer delight of existence. At any moment He can change His role, transform the world and reveal some splendid ray of His built-in divinity. The Absolute in all, the Absolute beyond everything, beyond all. We must cease to exist in infinity of eternal Existence and Consciousness. The iceberg must lose its identity in the Ocean and know itself only as a partial limited formation, a dream instant of the Ocean. If there is not that total liberation of the soul in the Divine Consciousness, there is the danger of a contrary result leading to utter self-oblivion, deception and ultimate spiritual ruin by the demonic magnification of the human ego. The results are inordinately cruel, powerful, megalomaniac beings who bring agony, violence, terror and death. This too is permitted by the Supreme Divine Will for a divine purpose, but this surely cannot be our aim for the world has seen enough of those monsters who are not extinct yet. This cannot happen to anyone who has truly discovered his soul or to anyone who sincerely aspires for a spiritual and divine existence.

N.Guha Roy