Anyone who has a clear aspiration to belong to the future divine race or a more illumined race has clearly come on earth to fulfill the mission. The yoga of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo is truly meant for them. When one has such an aspiration, the understanding of their sacred writings becomes a constant source of luminous revelation. One also finds in them the answer to one’s deepest quest.

But their yoga is very difficult. The development of education in all civilisations has been an attempt  to refine and confine the animal activities and tendencies inherent in man. But the mind cannot really transform the animal in man. To some extent it can refine and chain it with ethical, moral, social, penal, religious, political codes but invariably the control breaks down. In other words the animal triumphs. How can this situation be remedied?  We must have access to a power superior to mind, to a consciousness which is victorious which has a transmuring effect on animality, on the normal nature of man and his activities.

But there is an important question. How far are we willing to forego our humanity? Can we accept as a goal worthy of pursuit the prospect of complete abstinence from sex activities, complete abolition of the idea of race, family, religion, nationality in an inner detachment and above all are we willing to submit to a discipline which seems to be almost a total negation of our self-existence and personality? Are we willing to get completely abolished without distinction, without having a separate existence in the Divine Reality? Are we ready to forego our will and obey a superior luminous Will and wait upon the Supreme Will only?

These are a few questions which one has to consider very seriously and observe if there is any acceptance of such possibilities in oneself at least as basic principles to start with. We have to see whether we an accept the total abolition of the animal in us and of the ego as an eventuality, though naturally that would take a long, long time