As the mind will become quiet, you may begin to feel an impersonal vast Peace spread out infinitely, eternal in character. This is the Self, often experienced and described in spiritual litterature. One has to allow it to settle down in oneself. Then a special care has to be taken not to initiate thinking, because the mind is so much in the habit of thinking that without this thought activity one may feel as if one is becoming incapable of thinking and losing one’s mental capacities. But this is only a surface analysis. As one begins to have a direct perception, one sees, one does not think anymore  or thinks less but sees more and more. There is no need even for words. One should take care at this stage to become passive as much as one can. The knowledge of all the different parts of our being will increase. The mental method of logical deduction, inference, approximation, conclusion etc.. will give place more and more to a direct perception, to a clear intuition, to a perfect seing. With the silencing of the mind begins the true journey of the spiritual discovery.

N.Guha Roy