Each object and being in the universe is an instrument of the Divine and when we rise in consciousness  we see each and every thing and being as a manifestation of the illimitable Divine Being.

For our sadhana, we should not pay a special attention to our individuality or lay too much accent on it. It will be as foolish as a rose saying ” I am the central attraction , raison d’etre of the garden, without me this garden would not be a garden at all.” Behind, inside and beyond each and all individuals is the Eternal, everywhere, in everything.

The yoga means the discipline for arriving at this fundamental realisation and at the state of union with the Divine. We should try to see more and more the Divine working through everyone, manifesting in everyone and accomplishing His intention in the delight of existence.

As our ego begins to be aware that we are an instrument of the Divine, we have sometimes a great fear of being lost in an infinity where we do not exist anymore as an individuality.But once we cross the border into a true consciousness, there is no longer any sense of separation, even any sense of strong individual existence. It is the single Being in numberless bodies constantly changing and enjoying an eternal existence. Wherever we look, we see the marvelous Presence, whatever we hear is the mysterious voice of that Being, whatever we touch is the sacred substance of His body. It is an utter ravishing divine madness, far beyond the grasp of man and his mind

One day Ramakrishna was going along the streets, he saw 3 women dressed up for attracting clients . He stopped, folded his hands and reverently did Pranam to them. One of the persons accompanying him asked ” Master, why did you do that?” Ramakrishna, simple and happy like a child said ” I saw the Divine Mother”

In the higher consciousness, it really does not matter whether one exists or not, for all around him, inside, outside, is the great Spirit, the Supreme. There is hardly any need to refer back to oneself. All is a spontaneous movement. The supreme Musician plays the organ, each note is our life and fulfilment. God flows through us and through everyone, flooding us with His joy, rapture and unfathomable, intimate love and tenderness.