The true sadness is the sadness of separation. We want to go back to the Source but we do not know how. As if we have a vague memory ….And one day we hear the Call and from then on, all we do is  in response to that irresistible call. This yoga is precisely for people who have seen all, have had all from the human life. As if for them the human adventure is definitely finished. Then they can throw themselves into the adventure of the future : the adventure of the incarnation of the Spirit in matter

It is an adventure of the joy of discovery. One has to become silent, still the inward struggles, recognise the animal in oneself, and discover in his secret heart, the solar plexus, the source of all divine beauty, joy, purity , liberty, then  listen to the Voice of the Guide, the Friend, the Father, the Mother, the Master. First this Voice seems to come from far, but the more we are eager to listen and obey to It, the more the Voice becomes clear, intimate, near. We begin to feel the Person who speaks . It is the Infinite, the Eternal who draws near and comes into our life. Slowly the contents of the Infinite itself fill us with his peace, joy, infinity without barriers, limits in time and space.. The mortal discovers his immortality in the Spirit.

It is the path that the Mother and Sri Aurobindo have traced for us. In the terrestrial evolution, the time has come, the moment is auspicious. After millenia of struggle, anxiety and frantic seekings, man is on threshold of a wonderful life.

You who feel the sadness , be happy. You who feel empty, consider yourself fortunate. The call of the Spirit is on you.

The ways to reach the Infinite are infinite. Give yourself with love to “This”, the Source, then your life will be fulfilled. The great Mystery will penetrate you, will be all around you. A common plastic necklace will put you in contact with the abyss of the wonder of the Mystery. Because it is also a momentary incarnation of the Eternal. The” Divine Folly” will possess you

Look all around..nothing was there, nothing will remain as it is. Everything changes. But who changes? Behind eveything is the body of the Infinite, Eternal, the supreme Consciousness, the Ocean with its changing, noisy, luminous waves.

Once we have felt the Infinite, its benefic and auspicious Presence will take charge of us and of our future.

N.Guha Roy