The attitude of the seeker should be simple –
I do not want to become the Divine , that is an impossibility, but I have the aspiration to come out of this obscure , ignorant, sorrowful life of unconsciousness.
I aspire for the Divine so that He may gradually replace my limited, blind human consciousness by His luminous eternal consciousness.
My action does not rise from a sense of superiority but it is the basic need of my being, the primordial urge of my life.
I will do whatever is necessary, however difficult, illogical, absurd or ridiculous it might seem to others.
I am not guided by any moral or ethical sense, even patriotic or religious ideals.
I will do only what I feel is helpful for my growth, compatible to my aspiration.
I shall be uncompromising in my inner attitude towards everything that binds me to my humanity and prevents me from receiving the Divine Love

To pray for the divine Presence is a very powerful method.
Then a great purity and adoration seize our heart and being, and an intense love unite us with all.
We will be in the very Heart

N.Guha Roy