Outward work is very important for our growth. Whatever the work, we must do it as perfectly as possible with a sense of beauty, harmony and respponsibility. In this way we bring order, cleanliness and discipline in our life through work. The work well done increases our capacity for concentration and there is an awakening of consciousness. Whatever work we undertake becomes a work of art. We know how it has to be done. We discover new possibilities in the same work. As our consciousness develops and our surrender grows, gradually we find more and more that we are involved in the work best suited to our temperament and inner nature. We should not neglect in any way the work given by the Divine. We must do it for Him as an offering.

Our house should be like a little Temple where we feel the atmosphere of prayer and aspiration.

The most reliable and faithful friend, the most loving person is the Divine.

Let us turn to Him alone.

Niranjan Guha Roy 1978