We are here to serve the Divine according to the inner truth of our being. When our aspiration is free from all taint of ego, then the inner law of our being exerts itself. Our outer physical nature is an ever‑changing, unstable flux. When through a growing surrender we perceive the inner law of our being, then we have a sense of stability and certitude regarding our life and work. As long as we keep changing constantly, as long as we feel frustrated, as long as we feel our talents are not being utilised, it only means that we have not yet found the inner law of our being. As long as the surrender does not become complete, even the inner law of the being seems or remains unacceptable. So the real work is to develop the will to surrender entirely to the Divine and his will. Thy Will be done. We must be able to say it a thousand times in all sincerity and feel at the same time that his will only leads us to a greater height and consciousness.

To turn every movement Godward tout ourself exclusively in the service of the Divine, this is what we are trying all the time. Then we will never feel frustrated.


Only in the Divine is the true security

The Divine is doing for each one according to the soul’s aspiration in each. It is my deepest conviction that we must only seek the Divine, and then only we have, finally, the chance of coming out of all difficulties and problems. The Divine takes charge of our life and work. As long as we run after things, however wonderful, we are not yet on the straight sunlit path. When we want to live in full presence of the Mother Divine, guided and inspired by Her at all moments, and live in the world to serve Her to serve Her as faithfully as we can, then we have nothing to fear. Then whatever happens is invariably for our highest good. We must always pray for a higher consciousness. In the divine consciousness, there is a natural, constant joy and knowledge, and a deep serenity unaffected by any outward conditions and happenings. Only in the Divine is the true security.

Our sole aim is to grow in the true consciousness,to be fully plastic and let the Divine decide for us all.



N Guha Roy