Each moment is a preordained movement in an epic-drama.
God pursues His unobstructed manifestation in bliss.

As the growing plant contains the flowers and the fruits, each hour contains the inevitable sequence, what is to come next.

When we live in the eternity of the Spirit, no veil hides the reality which is forever the same, an infinite living Mystery full of inexhaustible splendour.

Our soul, a deathless portion of the immortal Spirit does not suffer anymore for nothing is denied to it.

Our mind and life also share to some extent that felicity.But our body is fragile, a brittle toy in the terrestrial play, bound to soil, a helpless prisoner of dull matter, incapable of responding much to the incoming Light.

Spiritual seekers are nowhere safe on earth as yet, for we ourselves carry the most dreadful enemies within us who rage a relentless merciless battle against the Divine.

O Sweet Mother, You are our most reliable friend, guide and shield.
In the calm divine vision, everything promised is already realised.

Tell us, Mother Divine, how can we best serve You now, in this strange world?

Pour down Thy bliss, amritam, into fired jars for distribution to thirsty souls.
Only Thy healing Sweetness will change this life into a heavenly carnival.


N. Guha Roy 1997