One day I found a phrase in Prayers and Meditations of the Mother that was more or less less this «  May Your law of Love which is the supreme Will be done » My soul was very happy with this discovery that the supreme Will was a movement of the supreme Love. But the comprehension or rather the vision was escaping me and it is only a few days ago during the music that I could climb and emerge in a  consciousness far beyond all that I had felt uptil now-
It was the substance of Love, there was nothing else but an indivisible Love.
One single consciousness : the Mother of Love, the Being of Love, Mother indivisible.
There was not even the Will, it was Love, Love infinite, perfect harmony.
By its presence, by its only presence, a supremely beatific order, inevitable, spontaneous was created.
There was no Will, no action of Will.

Everything was bathing, or rather is bathing in this ocean of Love, all is impregnated with Love, all is substance of Love and my soul was intensely aspiring to become that Love, to merge myself in this ocean of Love and it became this Love in the summit of my being. This infinite Love has become the reality of my being. The Will is absent.
There is one aim – this Love and a prayer has become the symbol of this state but I cannot formulate it but only «  Thou, Thou, Thou eternally, Love, Love, Love, Thou art the only reality »
I have had a little glimpse of the Mother Divine.
She is eternally the Whole, far beyond all.
She is the inexprimable Love. This all healing Love, the liberator eternally victorious, the permanent abode.
The Mother Divine is the supreme Magnet and all is organised around Her in beauty, harmony, spontaneously, automatically.
She is here and that is all the truth.

Love, love, love, come to us more and more and consume us.

The living fire of aspiration

Niranjan Guha Roy – 1972