You came on earth to establish
The Divine Life here in the material world.
You have taken upon Yourself all the obscurity, violence, cruelty,
Suffering and blindness of the earth nature,
Transmuted them into seas of light, power and felicity
And created the firm and stable foundation
For the manifestation of the new divine race.

We, Your children, must not forget for a moment
Your constant luminous presence in our heart, mind, body and soul.
May we be always lovingly grateful to You
For all You have done for us and are constantly doing for us.
Without Your constant presence,
No transformation can ever be achieved.
The supramental manifestation is Your manifestation,
Manifestation of the Adi Shakti, the Eternal Mother
In a constantly growing number of aspiring souls.

Glory to Thee, O Supreme Consciousness,
Be our guide, friend, mother and teacher, light, love,
Beauty and felicity in an ever-increasing intensity.
Pranam, Pranam, Pranam.


Niranjan Guha Roy