Who told me the secret of a fountain I carry within myself.

I have to die to myself and all I am, to be reborn.
The cherished trails have to be abandoned without regret.
I must be an incurable optimist in the face of a thousand negations.
I must follow the guiding Hand like a dog on a leash without complaint.
Then only shall I find the hidden fountain in my heart,
And never face thirst again or have to run after barren mirages.
Then I shall pitch my tent, where palm trees, oasis, lakes,
Deep wells, fountains, cities with towers and temple bells
Will envelop me with their music of peace and harmony.
But I must not quit the desert for a remote heaven, griefless.
One by one, more and more will discover the inner Fountain.
Slowly, steadily, not noticed by others,
A noble race, affranchised from thirst, hunger and mirages,
Shall follow new opulent trails.

The deep peace of the desert settles in my soul.
Accompanied by an invisible tangible Presence,
I leave the familiar trail and seek out unfrequented
High plateaus in the hottest unfriendly no-man’s land.
There, far away from the curious and uncaring travelers,
I contemplate my newly won treasure.
A starving soul suddenly surrounded with food unlimited,
A thirsty mouth filled with paradisiacal beverage,
A hopeless loneliness surcharged with mighty Magnificence,
An empty future burdened with auspicious unborn events,
I sit numb with delight not believing my miraculous Fate.
The huge barren unending waste of desert land
Is blotted out by a vision of a blissful, Temple-garden.
A celestial music floats up to me through its wide-open gates.

As a bee enters the core of a flower drawn by its fragrance,
My soul,dancing with light steps enters the flowery Sanctuary.
There I see the sweet Mother radiant on a throne.
Like a child bursting with happiness it can hardly contain,
I throw myself at Her lovely feet.
She laughs and laughs
And the joyous fountain scatters sparkling silver.

The Mother Divine is my unfailing Friend and guardian Power.
My thirst is quenched.


Niranjan Guha Roy -1982