There is only one way, not to be afraid. To throw away all the good suggestions of human wisdom, all the suggestions of the collective human consciousness, just dive with all your courage into the Divine.

There are tremendously powerful universal forces which rule the humanity through the highest forms of ethics and morality and religion. They prevent us from approaching the Eternal, the One, who is all, yet beyond all. These forces too are forms of the Eternal, they are there to measure our strength, to examine the sincerity of our aspiration, to test our mind, life and body, to see if these could bear the descent of the Godhead. In a way, they temper the steel in order to forge the sword of God. The steel strings for his harp. A soul which is destined embraces difficulties for increasing our strength, wisdom and capacity. One who chooses an easy and facile path goes nowhere and comes to nothing. When the soul is conscious it automatically chooses daring, dangerous and often seemingly impossible adventures. So let us not ask for the soft path either for ourself or for others if we wish them really good. The few selected by the very nature of the inner law will have to go through the baptism of fire, will have to face the greatest ordeals and must come out victorious. If they fail, that is to say fall, they will have to rise again and again until they can pass through the formidable gates guarded by the terrible angels, entrusted with the work of choosing truly fit vessels for containing the mystic fire, the power and light of the divine consciousness. Sri Aurobindo repeats the words of the Upanishad. “The soul cannot be won by the weak.”

Can we overcome the fundamental suffering in the mind, life, body and soul. Suffering is our daily meat. Pain is the whip which the Divine uses to urge us forward. But is it to be like that always? With the coming of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo on the earth, we have another glimpse, we have seen another possibility for the human life. It is my conviction as well, part of my experience, that there is an ecstatic ravishing, mad joy, a tempestuous outburst of the divine ananda. This joy, if it can be given an expressive form could become a most powerful stimulant, a divine intoxicating energy, which would have a direct beneficial impact on the very body and its cells. Music especially is a perfect means to serve as a channel for this divine ananda and when one dances to it the body can receive and incarnate it . Dance should be performed with an attitude of reverence, beauty and aspiration.
The Divine wants us to win always and the Victory over the disease and malady and death is the Victory of the Divine.


Niranjan Guha Roy