Only a general spiritual awakening will bring unity of the race. Religion is not the same thing as the practice of yoga.The Yoga is a difficult spiritual discipline of long sustained effort to discover the eternal Reality, the Source and the Origin. All religions are founded on some aspect of that secret Reality and have helped many souls to break through the ironclad materialism, have sustained people everywhere to face with faith the tragedy of life. But religions have not succeeded in bringing fraternity among the nations and are powerless to transform the congenital animal nature of man and miserably failed to take the human race to the promised land. Religion is not so different from a political doctrine or a tribal creed. It is the glimmer of a firefly.

Yoga is the eternal Supreme Light. Yoga is the sublime urge of the human soul to unite with the Origin, the supreme Reality, the Absolute, the One in all beings and things. While the politicians and religious leaders struggle and fight to own the earth and impose their will on the poor humanity, the Supreme Power who shapes earth’s destiny in minute detail is at work to create a new divine race from this crude material. Nature is always on the move, cannot remain satisfied anymore with her half-baked product. She is glowing in anticipation of a new creation. 

Niranjan Guha Roy