Each creature is driven by an in-built inviolable law. Each man is driven by his nature, his double nature. He is a thinking animal, halfway between heaven and earth. His life is a constant tug of war between reason and passion.The animal in man is yet too strong for angels eager to save him.  Mind cannot control, subdue or transform the animal.

There is a divine power far above the mind of man, There is a supreme Divinity sleeping in his mystic heart. Something marvelous, never known in the history of earth has happened. The barriers between mind and the Divine have been broken down by the incarnate dual powers of the One, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Divine, Avatars of the Supermind. A supreme almighty Force is pouring down on earth from the transcendent sealed heavens above day and night.

Man does not decide the destiny of the earth or its evolution. In his blind arrogance he does not realise his nothingness,. He is only a momentary flicker of firefly, a stray spark. He will not become divine by his own effort at any time.

In the evolutionary march of life the great hour has come, wherever a fire of utter anguish and prayers burns high, The Mother Divine comes down in the soul in Her splendor and lifts the soul from the half-light of mind and reason,  into vast luminous tracts of the eternal supermind.

The Iron Age of darkness, hatred, violence has come to a close. A new Sun that never sets has risen in the inner sky of earth. The Mother’s love will transmute the race, even the soil of this earth, all forms, faces and figures will radiate a heavenly glow.The calyx of the heart will be filled with the liquid gold of Her sweetness.  Life on earth will be a benediction for all.

Once you have seen Her face, you become Her adoring priest and slave.

Niranjan Guha Roy -1980