The yoga of Sri Aurobindo is extremely difficult, impossible by one’s own effort alone.
Unless we really aspire to be free from the iron grip of the lower nature anddesperately want to leave behind our animal humanity and rise to divinity, nothing much happens, we remain tied to ignorance and suffering.
The divine life cannot be imposed on anyone who is not ready for the evolutionary mutation, whose psyche is not sufficiently formed.
The divine life means complete freedom from desire, greed and passion, a life entirely consecrated to the supreme Lord, to His Shakti and Will, to be shaped, remade, animated and moved by the Divine Mother alone.
We become aware of the Divine, His infinity, His eternity, His light and bliss.
All the beings, things, events and happenings and all the worlds and universes are His own manifestation, gradual unfolding of His hidden splendour.
By His Grace, when we emerge into light, live in His marvellous presence we realise that we have no real existence by ourselves apart from Him. We are only a portion, a spark of His sun, an instrument for His play.
But this is only half the story. Our soul now free is given to the Divine.
Our physical being created through long biological evolution remains anchored to the soil of the earth by heavy gravitational pull of matter.
Inwardly we are illumined, detached, tranquil, unaffected by lower nature. Mind is full of Light, sees the Divine everywhere, even the vital being has lost its turbulence and become a faithful docile instrument. But the body is hardly different from any other body, dull and heavy, subject to the bio-chemical process, beyond our effective control, subject to animal reactions, disease, decay and final disintegration.
The cells of the body function meticulously, automatically driven by an inconscient power with utmost precision in a huge complex system.
Unless this inherent nature-power in the body cells is radically transformed by a superior Force descending from the highest spiritual planes above, we will remain imprisoned, a conscious soul in a death-bound body.
Only the supramental force can gradually create a new divinised matter.
And this supramental force is no other than the supramental Mahashakti.
No human effort or ambition can divinise matter, only the Divine Mother.


N.Guha Roy