May Your sovereignly benevolent Will be realised by the manifestation of a world of truth, peace and divine harmony
May our surrender become total, perfect without any personal preference.
All is eternally the Divine, one and infinitely multiple. Each one is Thyself. You are at the centre of each one and all. Whatever be the change, the Substance is always the same.
Om tat sat

Everything existing on earth, natural or created by men is the earth itself under different forms. Your Presence in each and all, everywhere behind the most obscure beings, the disguises, deformations, the terrifying forces, the dynamic energies in perpetual changes even in the void and the nothingness is the only constant reality. How can You manifest such a beauty, tenderness, power in some fragile earthen vessels so ephemeral! What a wonderful spectacle, stupefying, endless passes at each instant in front of our soul as witness.

O Magician, Om Mahamaya paramarahasyamayi-amrita chaitanyamayi ananté.

All those actors and actresses each one playing their roles on the scene are Yourself innumerable.

There are still moments of forgetfulness and we fall in an abyss of obscurity. There are still a very great quantity of weeds in the consciousness, a huge work remains to be done and this is why I address to You this prayer:

May I see You more and more with Your own eyes.
May I let You speak through my mouth, love through my heart.
You have become the absolute adored Master of my consciousness, of my existence
You are my beatific paradise, the ocean of eternal peace beauty, harmony, felicity.
Carry me in Your current according to Your WillBe without pity if I loose the way. Put me back forcefully on the track of grace
Be free with me. I want to belong entirely to You outside, inside at all moments.
You are the supreme benediction in the life of each and all

Niranjan Guha Roy _21-February-2000