Look at the mystery all around
Look at the barren frozen fields
With the first rays of the spring sun,
All becomes green, yellow, red, blue and gold,
Song, dance and laughter, air vibrant with perfume.

Look at the stars filled sky at night,
Twinkling, billions of them, far, far away
Yet all made of the same substance : God’s own.

As the sun, moon, earth, air, water, fire and soil and stone
A truckload of garbage contains all our hopes and dreams.
As after a good shower desert blossoms into a garden
So too a bucket full of earth holds within itself, in seeds
Unborn godheads, all our ancestors, our replicas.

Where is death anywhere, even when you and I disappear
In these billions years, we will wake up somewhere beyond
From the all-containing womb of matter after a long rest
To play the eternal comedy again as if for the first time.
Everything that has gone, all that is, all the new to come
All the inconceivable wonders lie dormant in the stars somewhere.
Who knows in a distant galaxy, boys and girls are singing,
Palm trees swaying in the wind, seagulls, dolphins playing in the sea.

No one dies ever, there is only a change of decor and the plot divine.
Souls, souls, billions and billions of souls sleeping all around us
Waiting for the call of the Divine, the magic Flute.

N.Guha Roy