Build me a golden bridge over the gulf of Thy heart and mine. I know of no other heaven but that honeyed land of divine love. Let Thy heart fill mine so that I am no longer “I” but Thou manifested through Thy love. I am not here to dig the mysterious depths and climb unknown heights and explore unmapped regions of high altitudes. I know Thy heart as the supreme Secret, the nucleus, the focal point, the very heart and love of the Supreme Being. The secret of secrets, the joy of joys, the Ananda of ananda, the supreme beatific Love. The all transmuting love flows out in a divine effulgence. The gold mine, diamond quarry, the mysterious lotus is there. Thy heart, the purple passion fruit of the eternity – the Love that forever is there. The supreme abode, the eternal child’s playground where the All can find a shelter and yet leave unexhausted that maternal love. The dynamis of the created world is first energised in that Heart and then thrown out, but they cannot find an existence outside that circle of Love. Open our eyes Mother and let all our movements flow from the Great Heart – the mysterious lotus bud.

Thy Love is infinite, make my thirst for Thy Love too infinite. Be it an eternal unquenchable thirst – my heart a sahara aspiring for the moist – visitations of Thy Love.


Niranjan Guha Roy