I have a glimpse of a new life which is far, far away from the human life at its best. It is to live in the living presence of the Divine all the time, unbound by anything in life. Free from the animal which dominates us, free from my humanity. To possess and be possessed by Something which I can only call true light, peace, harmony, beauty and that Presence which is in all and beyond all. That which is truly Love, the only one Love. The Key is a surrender as total as  possible, an aspiration, an opening to the descending rays of an eternal Sun. Nothing else matters.  These descending rays, the divine Force pouring down from above into the being, only this power has the capacity to transform our humanity, our human consciousness into the divine consciousness. This is the transmuting Force. All our effort and discipline lead to this opening. When we can feel consciously the Divine Force pouring down into our mind, free from desire and tension in the vital, to be passive and aspiring in the body ‑‑ the whole being just opens like a thirsty vase, which prays and waits for the divine Nectar to fall from Above. The culmination of sadhana and personal effort is this wide and constant opening to the descending rays, to the transmuting force of the transcendent Mother Divine. Nothing else matters. All the human ideals and their pursuit are far far behind. A new Sun has appeared in the heaven, a new force unknown hitherto or just glimpsed by the Vedic Rishis has entered in the evolution as a most dynamic transforming divine agent. It works for peace, harmony and the widest possible unity. All that man has dreamed will be realised solely by the action of this Force. Our exclusive sacred duty and work is to arrive at the point when the center at the crown of head, the centers between the eyebrows and in the throat, the heart center, the two vital centers and the center at the base of the spine and other centers generally unknown in the legs and beyond must gradually open from highest downwards and receive the influx from above. How it happens and in what order and by what agency of discipline, even what it does are not very clear at least at the beginning. All we know is that the contact with the supraconscient divine consciousness has been established and the mind must be silent, the vital peaceful, even the body passive to receive and assimilate this Force. Wherever there is the minutest opening in the being, the power will come in as a sublimating force. In the least it will awaken an aspiration for a beautiful, harmonious, truly refined human life in beauty, peace, harmony. There is one essential condition so that this Force can begin to act: an intense, uncompromising aspiration for a Divine Life however vague our idea of it may be. A total recoil and unacceptance of human consciousness as it is even at its best, of the animality and humanity in us and an unconditional willingness to do anything and everything, whatever tapasya or discipline is required in order to receive this Force. Sri Aurobindo has outlined the conditions in an extremely precise and powerful form in “The Mother”. There He has stated briefly in the form of mantras the process and the culmination, the final state of identity with the divine Mother Force through the tearing of the veil of ignorance and constant pouring down of the divine Consciousness from above. This opening to the descending rays of the Supreme Mother is the gateway to the divine life that is being born.

Niranjan Guha Roy