Douce Mère

Once in an evening class, You mentioned that You were no poet.
But when I read Your prayers ,
I feel the rythm, beauty and imagery of the noblest poetry,
Transporting the soul on its inspired wings to the heart of Mystery.

When I think of Your simple acts and gestures,
I see in them the majesty and greatness of a mystic ritual
Having incalculable spiritual consequences in the history of Time.

When I look at Your drawings and sketches,
I see the soul emerging by the prodigious economy of a few master lines.

When I listen to Your music,
I feel that each phrase is a divine motif for a magnificent symphony.

When I think of You,
All I know is that the Mother is noble and that I belong to Her forever.

I haven’t seen any piece of sculpture done by You,
But I meet constantly living souls sculptured by Your hand.

I haven’t seen any architecture designed by You,
But I get a glimpse of the wonderful New Haeven that You have created in Your vision.

My whole being lies prostrate at Your feet.


Niranjan Guha Roy