Frightened souls in search of Light
Fall very often in misleading steps,
Get lost, intoxicated in enchanted labyrinths.
Bright reflexion in a dewdrop of a hidden sun
Holds them prisoners.

O you, awakened soul, call the Haeven to guide you.
The road is long, hard, strewn with a thousand dangers.
Be without ambition, transparent as a diamond.
Examine yourself mercilessly, throw far away your old coat.
Plunge inside, far, far, far in the depths of your mystic heart,
There, find the sacred divine Fire.
Let the divine Force transform the natural man into a rising god.

Become the flame which lights the inanimate candles,
The lighthouse which brings hope in the hopeless night,
A constant link between the haeven and the earth.
Even though our days are counted,
It is necessary to dig, to dig, and to dig again.

The Mother waits for us with all Her sweetness.
You are an immortal soul in a temporary mould.
Even though the body falls exhausted, it does not matter, O pilgrim.
Your soul will return in a more resistant sheath,
Will resume the unfinished task , to dig , to dig.

May your beautiful and generous soul
Emerge henceforth in the Eternity.
Watched by the white peaks, the huge lilies of Himalayas.


Niranjan Guha Roy