The body must not be pushed too hard.  It is not by making the body stronger that it can be transformed.  It is only by an exclusive concentration of the spiritual Power that any transformation is possible.

I prayed that my work be imposed on me by the Divine.

 Patience, more patience.  To go very slowly.

A heart without love is a dried-up land.

Satya – sangha – The Truth Society exists in the subtle domain. 

The ONE is the ultimate Reality.

I said to the Mother, “I am Your slave.  You are always with me.  I have no life without You, I am always ready to serve You.”

My state of consciousness – absolute certitude of the unique Divine existence.

The Mother said surrender will be the general culture of the world.

I said to Sri Aurobindo“When I repeat the name of Sri Aurobindo for any individual  problem, it is solved in no time.

To go very slow.  High speed will ruin the work.

Then I understand that each one, each being has his own ray of sun that is his personal relation with the Divine and the cord for climbing towards God.


N.Guha Roy