A prayer given by the Mother:
“I salute Thee, O Mother with intense gratitude.
May Thy unique Presence radiate in my life.”

I am told that God distributes a different role to each one to come on earth. 

Only Divine Love can transform the earth life.

Unity and Harmony.

.Radha, Kali, Krishna, all united in the consciousness.

The Asuric forces will lose their grip on the world.  

 The painful Force came back and worked from the chest downwards for half an hour or less. 
It was more bearable.  It opened a closed box inside me – took the lid apart.

The painful Force worked in the body for half an hour or so.  It made me very tired.

The Essays on the Gita by Sri Aurobindo are the foundation
of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo.

The whole night there was a silent and deadly battle between the Divine Force

and powerful adversary in my body, in the blood stream.  The Divine Force all the time neutralized poison injected in the blood.

The painful Force worked in the body for over an hour.  I went to sleep.

Om Douce Mère.  Another step forward.