The body was flooded with felicity and delight. I entered into a world of absolute Presence of the Divine, His Love and Delight, extremely powerful.

The Force was working in the whole body as if it was burning. It subsided. The vision was overwhelming, it seemed as if the whole body had become a power generating dynamo, an extremely powerful vibration. The vibration seemed absolutely immobile. The Presence of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo filled the whole space. I could almost see Their physical Presence, huge most reassuring, as if all Their support was with me. It was a living body of bottomless, vast, most powerful  Everything was silent, there was no sound anywhere.

The energy flowed, I couldn’t contain it. The whole body was like a powerful dynamo. I thought I would blow up, but gradually things subsided, energy was always there, Light, Light, everywhere. The Power sometimes receded, then came back, almost with an explosive violence. I felt as if all the cells were burnt out, but relieved. As if I  have crossed the bar and been admitted in the supreme spiritual Reality, everything, everyone, anything in my mind became ravishingly Divine. The whole world, all the beings were only the Divine in His splendor. In that Light, intolerable ecstasy going through the body like a gigantic generator, the inner being has been crushed out of existence as if it has passed through a massive  crushing machine, nothing is left of the personality, everything has been scattered into the infinity of God, into the vast boundless, vibrating ocean of Love, the Mother. There is nothing but the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, They are One Supreme Being, everywhere in everything, staggeringly powerful, devastating Presence.

1999 Niranjan Guha Roy