Strange Blossom of Light
My soul open thy eyes , watch the long expected birth
Concealed from the vulgar inquisitive sight,
Of the marvellous bloom of tomorrow,
Almost invisible in the shadow of the austere trees
Old as the mountains and self assured of their immunity.
Watch it open silently petal by petal unsuspected
In a neglected corner of thy treshold,
Stranger little understood disdained by the wise,
Unwelcome mocked and disowed by the crowd,
The gentle humble guest can hardly lift her head
With the mortal weight of the past in her breast.
The victorious yesterday lives on gloriously for a while
Trembling inside now certain of its death
My soul do not be duped by the faintness of the early glow
It brings in its wake the ocean swell of liquid gold
The end of a perpetual night, the sun that does not set anymore
Unveiled blissful presence of the beloved Mother divine.
Open wide thy doors to that strange distant light
And nourish with the white purity of inner fire
The wonder bud of splendour in the mire of earth.


Niranjan Guha Roy