There is no other will except the Divine Will
More than ever I am conscious of the Divine, the Divine as the world, the Divine in things and beings as the presiding Spirit and the Divine beyond the world and all manifestation, all of them forming what in the Indian spirituality we call the Brahman. In everything in the world, in the minutest cells and atoms and particles there is the presence of the Absolute Divine. That is why everything in the universe at anytime is as it is meant to be, as it must be. Everything is in constant movement and everything moves in the right direction at each moment through a vast and infinitely complex process. Nothing can go wrong for there is no other will except the Divine Will, there is no other Power except the Divine Force, there is nothing else except the Divine who is the constituting substance of the universe. What we see as chaos, disorder, ignorance and suffering, violence, death and disintegration is a very partial and necessarily a wrong view of things. The Creator who is the self-creation at each moment is the Supreme and Absolute Master of the situation. Everything is as it must be and everything will be as seen by the Divine. Our privilege is to become conscious of the Divine beyond the becoming and in the becoming. When we surrender to the Divine and allow His Will to shape our entire being, when “Thy Will be done” becomes the natural law of our being, then we are admitted into His ineffable Harmony which always exists.
Niranjan Guha Roy