How can we from our side collaborate with the Mother so that She can gradually shape, mould and build the image of Godhead in us, in her perfect vision and power? At the moment in our ignorance with all the goodwill we try to become at best what She wants us to become, but we forget that wee not the Creator or creators, we are a creation. How can a glass decide what color, shape, utility or qualities it will have. It is absurd. It is the Divine Mother who is preparing strong cups which can hold the Divine nectar without breaking down. We have to remind ourselves constantly that we are creations.

One day by the Grace of God when we shall become conscious that we are going to be one day a gnostic being, not by our own power but by the shaping hand of the supreame creative Force, then only a new life will begin. A life free from ego. We will have no separate existence or power or work. We are instruments for Her use. This is the state of liberation we must seek at all costs. This is the sense of total surrender to the Mother Divine so that nothing is us shall resist Her shaping hands. The Supreme Musician will play his marvelous rhapsody on a stradivarius of his own creation. The fulfilment of the violin would be intolerable ecstasy when being played by the Master Musician. Let our surrender be as complete as possible.

May we be conscious that there is no one else here or anywhere, nothing else but the supreme creative power of the One May we live always in Her, by her and for Her delight.*

N. Guha Roy 2004