Nouvelle Création – New Creation

Men of goodwill have come to the summit of intellectual effort and material development. They are unable to create peace, harmony and unity in themselves, in the community and the country or the world. The mental man is facing an evolutionary impasse or challenge. There is active now in the earth atmosphere a supreme divine Power and Consciousness made dynamic here by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, Avatars of the supramental Creation on earth.

Happily in the humanity there is a small minority of beings who have a well formed psychic entity in them. This psychic entity is present in all human beings in a very rudimentory stage. This is the immortal element in man which, when fully developped, aspires for the Divine, His light, peace, harmony, love and unity in the world. These beings will in course of time assemble here and there and create islands of divine light, power, harmony, love and unity. These islands of light, as they will blossom and grow in number will gradually eliminate all disharmony, all violence, cruelty, conflict and intolerance from the human society. Not the growth of intellectual capacity but the inner soul where resides the Supreme Divinity must be the sole aim of all education for creating a divine world of peace, harmony, love and beauty.

Om namo bhagavate.  Om Douce Mère, Om sri Aurobindo

Pranam, pranaml, pranam

N.Guha Roy 2000