La flamme intérieure – The inward flame

This battle between the outer unconscious mental vital being and the emerging psychic personality, non-stop day and night is very real and extremely painful to  the physical being. There is no suffering in the psychic being. It is the representative of the Divine, His light, Power and immortal Bliss. The immortal soul in us all takes delight in each and every experience in life. But our physical being, mind,life and body are not aware of the soul deep within us.

Prayer to my experience is perhaps the most direct method of bringing out the psychic from our hidden depths to the forefront of our life. The Mother Divine who resides in our soul will reveal Herself more and more and take up our effort and yoga and take us over the frontier into Her domain vast and luminous  where sorrows, suffering and death and separation have no entry.

 Even in a fragile perishable body we will enjoy our true immortal existence and the Bliss of the Eternal.

Niranjan Guha Roy