… Do you know what I do when I have to read some high-sounding intellectual speculations? I take a dip in the sea of Nectar. I read a few pages of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, a chapter of the Synthesis or Education by the Mother. I enter into immediate and intimate contact with the Supreme Lord and the highest creative power, our Sweet Mother.

Look at the sky with its ever-changing robes, feel the touch of the divine Love in the wind loitering in the woods and among the reeds of the lake. The mystery of God’s fantastic presence and works is all the time inviting us to penetrate into its interminable, fascinating, thrilling corridors in time and space.
Be peaceful; stop the exhausting painful riot in the mind. Go out and meet the Divine in each corner of the street, in all faces and forms dressed up for carnival. Now, you are in the vast inner sanctuary of the House of the Lord. Look with the poet’s heart and eyes, strengthen your satisfying, rewarding communion with the glorious magnifcence of the Eternal, our mother, father, teacher, guide and friend.
Then we are in yoga, in union with the absolute Wonderful, Bliss and Love. Let our body, mind, heart and soul be soaked by that irresistible bliss of the Beautiful. Leave your mind uncultivated like the boundless plains or open deserts silent yet eloquent in their expansive prayer. Discover the mighty show, the unending Divine Comedy.

Our falls, stumbling, deviations, our momentary successes and jubilation, our disasters and nightmares are all steps seen and sanctioned by an infallible wisdom which oversees our constant progress in the great journey towards the Divine Life. What has been done or accomplished could have been much better, and even now, the journey could become a pleasant adventure if we could listen to the Oracle deep inside in the heart center, the voice calm and sweet of the gracious Mother.

When there grows an inextinguishable yearning to follow the Mother, come what may, from then on we are on the safe and secure path leading to the Home of Bliss. The pace of destiny cannot be forced. It is a question of transaction between the individual soul and the Divine. Unless we are strongly aware and guided by the psychic being, really we do not understand much of the spiritual Reality.  The Spirit cannot be seized by the intellectual mind but easily by the heart in adoration for the Beloved, a seeker of the Beautiful.
Leave your life and action in the care of the Mother, then any miracle is possible. Remember always that the Mother is supremely benevolent. No harm can ever come through Her to anyone. Her least touch is a blessing for all. She is far above the Supramental world, all the

N.Guha Roy 2000