Pilgrims go to Benares to wash away from their stains and mortal sins in the Ganges and be freed from the infernal births tying us to this suffering and agonising earth.

O you, pilgrim of the great sunny Path, you do not need to go to Benares or to any other holy places to be liberated from the suffering and darkness dominating the earth.

Commune with your divine soul and plunge in the ocean of eternal, infinite felicity. Then all the suffering, pain and chronic agony of human life on earth will dissolve in that infinite ocean of divine eternal bliss. You will come out purified, regenerated, liberated forever from all slavery to karma and to the dark and limited powers governing the earth and perpetuating its deep wounds.

O pilgrim as we bathe every day to wash our body thus at an auspicious hour plunge in the eternity always present without past or future, in the ocean of felicity which transmutes the dust of the earth in heavenly gold.

Slowly the memory itself of the terrible suffering on earth will be totally erased as we erase with a sponge the old writings on a board.

O pilgrim, you can neglect all your other urgent duties, even the most sacred ones, but do not forget to take your bath, your dive in the infinite ocean of the unfathomable mystery of the supreme. Slowly you will realise that this holy water is nothing else than the infinite heart of the healing and appeasing love of the Mother Divine.

Each dive will be like the tender embrace warm and full of sweetness of the marvelous Mother Divine .Each form, each face, each eye, each mouth will become an open window on the infinite Mystery of irresistible sweetness, the ocean of infinite felicity.

Now wherever you plunge your gaze you will meet always and everywhere the same sweetness the same smiling love. There is nobody else anywhere; there is nothing else but the smile and sweetness of the mysterious Mother Divine near, inside, unceasing, infinite, surpassing all horizons.

This very earth has disappeared as an old nightmare forgotten opening the eternity of divine existence.

O Pilgrim, you will have to dive again and again for a long time for that incredible Reality to become normal without surprise, as is your respiration or the beating of your heart.

O happy pilgrim when you will have an easy access at will in the inward courtyard of the Sovereign Mother then to your brothers and sisters who are preparing for this long pilgrimage you will be able to propose the inward voyage to this High Place of perpetual endless ravishment.

OM Douce Mère saranam mama – OM Sri Aurobindo saranam mama

Niranjan Guha Roy