This Yoga of Sri Aurobindo is a spiritual revolution
‘The Synthesis of Yoga’ will be a wonderful lifelong friend. You will find in it almost everything connected with the yoga of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. One day, the future generations will recognise in them the most beautiful and forceful English ever written. ‘Savitri’ is the epic story of the aspiring human soul step by step rising to the Divinity. It is also the story of the Divine Himself coming down on earth in two bodies for the elevation of the race. In a symbolic way, the story of Savitri and Satyavan is the story of the Eternal’s birth in time as dual powers, opening the sealed Heavens of Supramental consciousness in the earth evolution, thus fulfilling the long made promise of the Divine Kingdom on earth. Man evolved out of apes and took some four million years. The divine man of course will not take so long to appear but even then, we should not expect something spectacular before five to 10,000 years. Then will probably appear the true Supramental being with a Supramental body. Long before that happens, there will be a large number of individuals appearing on the earth scene with more or less advanced spiritual mutations. At this moment what is truly within our possibility is the gradual transformation of the human mind into an instrument of Supramental light and consciousness, the transformation even of our vital being into an instrument of the divine consciousness, transformation of the subtle physical being into an instrument of light, transformation of even certain occult powers and functions of the physical body. The penetration of the higher force meets an enormous resistance from the lower instruments.As we come down from the more subtle elements of our being to the most material part of our being, our body, the difficulties due to inherent incapacity, apathy, the resistance increases almost in a geometric progression. The descent of the spiritual forces let loose all that is under the mental, vital and psychological control, all that is hidden, covert, involved, subconscious and unconscious. At any moment the disaster may come if the soul, the psychic being, is not fully developed and has not become the leader of the yoga and leader of our being, the Priest of our sacrifice. Under the tension and pressure of the descending spiritual forces, even if the worst catastrophes in the mind and vital are averted, the pressure and pain in the body is at most times literally unbearable. That is why Mother and Sri Aurobindo have stressed so much on bringing down peace into the very cells of the body. Peace increases the receptivity of the body, of the entire being in all its ranges. Our Rishis of the Vedas knew about this aspect of the yoga, and in their language they express that “an unbaked jar cannot hold the Divine Soma” (the supreme Felicity of the divine Consciousness) “and it invariably breaks.” ditr earthly body is really weak, fragile, in a simple image one might say, it is like trying to put the power of a huge locomotive engine into a little toy engine. Our being and body have to be accustomed slowly to the assaults of divine flame and thunder, tempest, floods and whirlwinds. We are so constituted that even a touch of peace makes the vital restless. When there are no thoughts in our mind, we get alarmed and if we feel for a moment any absence of desire, at once we attribute it to some abnormality or illness. So, the power has to work very slowly over a long period in order to accustom ourselves to higher states of consciousness. The centres open one by one till all the centres from head to foot are fully open and active. The power works in one centre or another or in a number of them according to the need of the transformation. The power works to open the consciousness to its divine influence and it works at the same time to increase the receptivity of the lower elements and parts of our being. It is a long and difficult process, yet in terms of evolution, it takes thousands of years for a slight modification of our psychological being.
This yoga is a revolution compressing the work of centuries and centuries into a few years, into a lifetime. We are going at an evolutionary breakneck speed, on the high road of spiritual destiny. Inattention, non-collaboration, absence of vigilance may cause a disaster at any moment. That is why in this yoga we have to be really serious and sincere . The more we give in a sincere attitude, the more we receive from the Divine. Our sincerity is the best protection. We meet in the world what we seek. We see in the world what we are capable of seeing. We achieve in life what we really want to achieve. So, if it is our absolute sincere aspiration to be in union with the Divine, to live in his presence and be instruments of his faith and love, then, the Divine will be at every step with us preparing circumstances and the ground for the fulfillment of our aspiration. As our mind will get quieter, more and more flashes from higher regions of thoughts and light will come into our mind. They will seem quite foreign, having no relation with our habitual thoughts and ideas, they will carry in them a different vibration, a different intensity. They have a different sense of dimensions. we should not get afraid or disturbed.
As our consciousness will deepen, our grasp of time as a dimension will broaden into an infinity. All has been there all the time, what is past or future. All is there, all the time. The manifestation is a condition, process of unveiling in material time and space.
Niranjan Guha Roy 1977