The supreme vibration

When we shall see only the Divine in all, everywhere eternally then this power can work through us for creating a new world. The Supramental is the supreme creative Force of harmony, love, beauty, unity and divine bliss. It will gradually cover the whole earth by replacing the mental, vital, egoistic powers which rule the world. The supramental works in silence. This world of sorrow and darkness is gradually emerging in the peace, harmony and delight of unity. The aspiring souls who are ready to embody the supramental will be the divine instruments for manifesting the great sovereignty of the divine Love of our Sweet Mother

All is God. There is nothing else anywhere at any time except God, the Eternal, one Existence, one Being, one divine Felicity, one Light, one Power.
The earth manifestation is the self-expression of the Supreme One. The material universe, the earth matter is the dynamic living body of God. All that exists here is made of the same divine substance. We are made from the substance of God. The matter contains incalculable, inexhaustible riches and splendors of the Divine. Everything here is His manifestation carried out by His Power Mahashakti, one with Him, the Eternal. The least movement is organised and executed by Her as a vast unfolding, unending divine symphony. There is no error, no deviation, no false step; all is faultless, smooth, unfolding of inconceivable beauty and charm of the ever-unmanifest One.
The Mother and Sri Aurobindo are no longer in a material body but they are constantly at every moment everywhere carrying on the transformation of the present world and manifestation of the divine life on earth.


Niranjan Guha Roy 2005