One choice only

One Choice only
There is only one choice left to us when nothing in the world can help us – to turn to the Divine Mother and Her infinite Grace. No money can save us. No human being, however powerful and influential, can bring any real help. I do not have any power, occult or spiritual, nor do I have any faith in any god. I don’t know any nor do I care to know one. When things are hopeless, when I see no hope, no issue, one Face appears bright and smiling, comforting and reassuring, simple and loving, the Face of the most reliable Friend, the Mother. Other faces however wonderful fade away as ephemeral passing waves. The whole existence becomes unreal, blurred, only one Face remains bright, shines ever luminously as the only thing real, eternal, unalterable, ever near and intimate in this vast, stupendous changing scene, forever unstable. Even if this Image were a mirage, I would hold on to it. This is the Face of Someone who is unbelievably good, gentle and absolutely reliable, who has no other consideration except our highest good, who accepts us as we are with the deepest love and understanding. In life and death, through all existence, this is the single Face which is permanent, always with us. As we contemplate the Face, it melts into a sweetness and pours itself into our whole being and wipes away all traces of suffering. In a last desperate struggle when we have lost everything, when our body is dying, consciousness is lost in oblivion, in one feeble final reflex action our hand seeks a Hand and finds Hers. She is always with us inside and outside, everywhere. She never leaves us. She never lets anyone down. I am not sure of my existence, my continuity, for that matter, of anybody’s existence or continuity. I am a bubble among other bubbles on the infinite Ocean of vibrating compassion, love and sweetness, that living body of unfathomable Godhead … the Mother. There is no one, nothing in existence in any dimension except that soothing pulsation pervading All and Beyond, the Mother
The Mother is the golden Bridge
The Mother is the Golden Bridge between the Supreme and the soul of man. She came down in an earthly body as the incarnate word of God. She manifested in a frail human body some absolute Power of God. Every second of her existence has taken the earth light years ahead in its evolution. She has prepared the earth for an inconceivable divine transformation. Her physical form was a point of concentration of the infinite original consciousness which She is eternally. Every moment of her life has been a ceaseless terrible struggle and a fierce painful battle against the formidable powers which rule the earth-nature since the creation in order to lay the foundation of a divine life on earth. Every word She has expressed is a priceless gift of the Supreme to man and earth. Although now She is no longer present in her body, She is always present everywhere for there is nothing else except Her anywhere. When we are sincere, when we are simple, when we love Her truly, then we become aware of her presence, her tenderness, her help and guidance. To read her books is to communicate with the absolute wisdom. To look at her face in a photo and specially to look into her eyes is to enter into the fathomless heart of divine love. We feel then her all-comprehending sweetness and compassion. No one anywhere can ever give us so profound and lasting satisfaction as when we are with Her. She is so utterly good to everyone without exception that each soul feels fulfilled in her presence.
Love of truth, beauty and harmony will inevitably lead us to the secret Temple in the heart where She is forever installed, in all her glory, her hand always outstretched in the act of blessing. Our little life and existence is no better than the life of a firefly. If we can annul ourselves totally, realise our absolute nothingness then we are admitted into the resplendent vision of the One, the eternal Mother Divine. Verily, all is that Supreme Reality. We become dumb before that supernal Mystery.
O Mother Divine remain bright in my soul, become brighter in my consciousness so that I see only You and no one else.
May we become whatever You want us to be for You always work for our highest good.
May we remember You in every breath of our life for that brings the sweetest intimacy, the silent ecstasy, Om, Om Supreme Goodness.
The Voice of the Divine
The Mother and Sri Aurobindo speak with the Voice of the Divine and carry the power of the All Mighty. They are ambassadors of the Supreme endowed with his total executive authority. They have been sent on earth with the mandate of preparing it for the advent of the divine race. They have come down armed with the plenary power of the Absolute. In order to raise this fallen race of ours they have accepted our wretched obscure human existence and willingly suffered its thousand ills and torments. There is nothing in our miserable life that is unknown to Them. They have prescribed a permanent remedy, an infallible cure for our obscure, ignorant, sorrowful existence. The Mother and Sri Aurobindo indivisible in their soul and consciousness say with one voice:
To surrender all we are, all we have, our past, present and future, everything to the Divine, to remain open exclusively to his influence, aspire for his presence, his light, power, knowledge, his peace and harmony. Act always openly in their presence and they will lead us to the most wonderful divine life out of this terrible chaos, cruelty and violence, this meaningless unending suffering. Let us have faith in them and our highest spiritual destiny. Cling to them whatever happens and our trust will be justified. They cannot be perpetually indulgent to our ignorant destructive demands and desires. The path of yoga can be compared to the passage of a tornado, all the bonds and citadels of ignorance are blown away and torrential rains of grace clean and transform the consciousness. Sometimes we will curse and revolt and bite the Hand that wants to deliver us from the dungeon in the beginning. But hold on to Them like a leach through thick and thin and in the end our faith will be rewarded. Instead of this sordid earth and the material universe, we will see the Divine, infinity, eternity, the face of God everywhere. His immeasurable, immortal existence will swallow up our little insignificant life and death and release you into an everlasting life. This is what They are doing for us and much more, much more than we can understand. Let us have faith, They are always with us, inside and outside and around. Be simple, follow their guidance, act with selfless egoless divine motivation. In our sincerity if we make a wrong decision, the Divine will rectify the consequences. Every moment is a new opportunity. Errors there will be plenty. If we are simple and sincere there is no danger, no ill effect. Their blessings are always with us. Their love is like a ring of fire protecting us from the forces of darkness inside and outside. As a dog cannot see the Divinity in a stone statue, so too, we cannot see the Divine and his world in the material universe. When we will be ready the veil will be withdrawn and we will emerge into the divine life.
Our Life is an Altar
The Mother has always been to me the Incarnation, the direct embodiment of the ultimate absolute Consciousness and Being. At a time of life when I was desperately seeking a meaning in life, I met Her and the moment I saw Her truly speaking all my problems were solved forever. I knew that She was the ultimate solution. I came here to find the Divine. I was aware of a supreme omniscient Presence but I had no communication with it. I knew that only She could help me to find the Divine. She assured me of her help in my effort to realise the Divine. One day She told me not to depend on her Person but on her spiritual Reality. She never encouraged me to be near her Person in a familiar human way. She told me this She did because She wanted that I should be in direct contact with the Divine. She told me that She was always with me and I was always with Her. As a matter of fact, this has been a living experience with me. Whatever I do, She is sovereignly present in my consciousness. The soul in me had implicit faith in the Mother. Whatever She says is the absolute truth, whatever She does is an act of grace, meant to take us to the divine goal . By the fiery compassionate lightning of the terrible Mother Kali most of the basic ignorant instincts are reduced to ashes. The prison of heart and mind crumble under the assault of the divine force and the soul is released into a vast limitless consciousness of the nameless formless divine existence. When I came here I did not know how to pray, even what to pray for. I had no life. I had no future and I was a stranger to an abiding joy. The Mother has taken over my life, mind, body and soul and I can feel Her transforming force working in me I am so deeply satisfied with Her constant Presence that I have only one desire – to sing Her Glory
.Our life is an altar, a Temple for the adoration of the World-Mother. But for Her, I could not have believed that the Divine is so compassionate and loving.
19 October 1983
The physical Presence of the Mother
I came to the Ashram in June 1946 finally to stay. From that day, I had a sense of total security in the physical Presence of the Mother. She gave a perfect stability to my material existence. I have passed through many long periods of hesitation and great inner difficulties, which is quite natural in any process of yoga. But this sense of utter protection and stability never left me, even in my darkest days. She was the visible symbol of absolute assurance. As far as I was concerned, I had the feeling that nothing could ever go wrong for She was there physically. Sometimes in my confidence, I would even become arrogant. Even if I did anything wrong, I would be protected. In reality, I had very little physical contact with the Mother. I had no need for it, for in my inner consciousness She was always there and She is always there. But when She left the body in November, 1973 it was as if I lost the plank under my feet. That sense of absolute security and stability which came from Her physical Presence disappeared. I felt like an orphan, without parents or a home. Though in my consciousness She was fully present always, though I met Her so often in dreams, though I felt how She helped, protected and guided our life in a very material way, nothing satisfied me. That most reassuring physical protection was absent. There was nowhere any symbol of physical protection and stability, as if we were at the mercy of the world. This physical separation created a searing despair in the being, especially in the body. The soul remained unconsoled even with the constant perception of the One.
Recently something magnificent has happened. I have found the same reassuring physical Presence of the Mother as concrete as before, perhaps even more, for it is eternal, for it is the Eternal Mother, She who forever is. There is no one else, nothing else. I do not have to seek Her, I do not have to imagine Her. There She is, always with Her most reassuring unveiled Presence. That lost sense of protection and stability has come back. Once again, nothing can go wrong for She is there, more concrete, real and tangible than this material universe. I am no longer an orphan. I have found the Mother. I feel no one, nothing can touch me. She is there. She has the absolute control over everything in the most physical way. She alone is the only durable physical Presence. I feel we are all saved. This time I shall not be arrogant anymore.
We must remember the Mother
We can only be happy if all our life is turned towards the Mother. We must remember Her as much as possible and act always in Her presence. It is not possible for our little mind to know how with utmost love, care and protection She is leading us towards the Divine inspite of our ignorance, resistance and revolt. She is working everywhere from within the things and beings for the progressive manifestation of harmony and unity. The entire sense of the yoga is to become more and more aware of the Mother and Her action in our life. As long as we are turned to Her, practically nothing wrong can happen to us. Whatever She does is for our highest good. So let us offer our life and service in love and gratitude to the Mother.
Niranjan Guha Roy

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