Douce Mère, Thank you

Thank you, a thousand times, thank you
From the bottom of my grateful heart
To have delivered me from the last terrible prison.
All the walls have fallen in pieces, crushed
Impossible to reconstruct ever.

The eternal Soul without mask or veil, bare,
Pure as a flame, without anchor anywhere,
Belonging to no country, nation, family or civilization,
Free as the wind on the ocean without shore,
Happy as the dunes of burning sand in the sun,
Indifferent as the white summits far from the world,
Serene as an immense Cathedral of frozen ice,
But still feels orphan, without father or mother,
Without family, without root, without country or home.

My vision crosses the restful and reassuring zone of forgetfulness
Where we live in an enchanted cell
Nourished by a permanent illusion, the magic of family.
Your father, your mother are like you, pilgrims on the Great Road
As well as all the people around you, united on the scene
By a playful current for an instant.
Then each one goes, taken away by the capricious wind
To sing, dance, suffer, cry, play a thrilling comedy
Insane beyond all comprehension.
At each street corner, at the market, temple, field at work,
In wars and battles, everywhere in known countries, in lost places
I find again my brothers and sisters, the women and the mothers
my kin, my comrades that I have loved according to the plot of the drama,
Sometimes we are fighting each others in bloody battles.
Sometimes we laugh and joke in an emotional reunion,
All the relations vanish in a delirium
Everything gets mixed; there are no more barriers between souls.

O my soul keep calm amidst the benefic hurricane
This divine madness that sweeps away the deadly boundary
Marks of the separation of the dividing mind
That fragments the world in tragic pieces.
I am not orphan any longer, I have found my family
The eternal Divine, infinite, my Beloved, my Sister-Soul.
The face of a passer-by plunges me in a crushing mystery
The smile of an unknown wakes in me strange souvenirs
A gaze without veil of a soul makes me vibrate with bliss.

Om Douce Mère
May I meet You, adore You and serve You in all beings
No more frontiers, cries, massacres, shouts
Your curing Love embraces and blesses the world.

In the field sprinkles with blood
Grow luminous immortal roses.
Niranjan Guha Roy 1993

Advice to the pilgrim of the sunny Path

Advice to the pilgrim of the sunny Path

private conversation

Pilgrims go to Benares to wash away from their stains and mortal sins in the Ganges and be freed from the infernal births tying us to this suffering and agonising earth.
O you, pilgrim of the great sunny Path, you do not need to go to Benares or to any other holy places to be liberated from the suffering and darkness dominating the earth.
Commune with your divine soul and plunge in the ocean of eternal, infinite felicity. Then all the suffering, pain and chronic agony of human life on earth will dissolve in that infinite ocean of divine eternal bliss. You will come out purified, regenerated, liberated forever from all slavery to karma and to the dark and limited powers governing the earth and perpetuating its deep wounds. Continue reading

Galleon of the King

Galleon of the King

Fortunate voyagers on the galleon of the King, rejoice, O happy pilgrims,
Long harassed by storms, hunger and privation, waves of passion,
Hunted by marauding pirates through the ages,
Held up by long doldrums of despair and slack sails of emptiness,
Ensnared by the crystalline bays within coral reefs
Which tear open bare keels with the ease of a razor blade. Continue reading

O Mother Divine, lead us

  O Mother Divine, lead us

un petit fragment

From impermanence to the permanence of the Spirit.
From death and desillusion to immortal divine existence.
From broken discontinuous music of life to the ever unfolding supreme divine Symphony,
The unending play of the One with His incalculable selves through Eternity – His Lila.

Lead us, O Mother Divine, from separation to the utter union with the Origin, the Source, the Supreme Eternal Sweet Mother, Sarvamangala.The discontinuity of life is the greatest tragedy of the human existence. All would change if there is a continuity, a deathless life. When no one is gone, one is not separated from anyone at anytime.

When we live united forever with the One, when we do not see any other person except the One everywhere in everything, in everyone then there is no place for any separation or suffering – death and dissolution.
All is an Ocean of Light and Felicity, Harmony,Love and laughter.


2004 – Niranjan Guha Roy