spiritual unity of the human race

Only a general spiritual awakening will bring unity of the race. Religion is not the same thing as the practice of yoga.The Yoga is a difficult spiritual discipline of a long sustained effort to discover the eternal Reality, the Source and the Origin. All religions are founded on some aspect of that secret Reality and have helped many souls to break through the ironclad materialism, have sustained people everywhere to face with faith the tragedy of life. Continue reading

Poem – The Kiln of God

The Kiln of God

Let the Mother enter your life like a swift river

And let Her wash away
All your human belongings and attachments
And many coats of old varnish
And gradually release
The Godhead imprisoned in the mud.

Have confidence in the Mother.
Her least gesture, Her insignificant glance
Are acts of supreme Benediction.
We must allow Her to build in us Her Temple
By removing brick by brick the old human structure
And replacing them with new bricks
From the Kiln of God


Niranjan Guha Roy
Illustration Christine Alkov