Faith in the Divine Mother

Niranjan Guha Roy
March 25 00
The yoga given to us by Sri Aurobindo is exceptionally difficult but in the end, most satisfying as it makes the Divine absolutely real and concrete to our normal consciousness. We live constantly in the most assuring presence of the Divine Mother who is our most reliable friend, always with us in our soul, in our normal consciousness with her infallible guidance. To have entire faith in the Divine Mother in the beginning is not easily possible. But in face of difficulties of our inferior nature and an unfriendly world, if we learn to depend on Her to pull us out of darkness and danger, our faith becomes stronger and stronger. The Mother is our best friend. She cannot possibly do any harm to us. When we feel abandoned, we must make a courageous effort to feel Her most-helpful presence in our soul, for our success is Her victory. She is all the time lovingly engaged in protecting us in the world from a thousand enemies inside and outside. We are powerless in this world governed by inordinately cruel and violent forces of falsehood. Without constant vigilance of the Mother Divine, we would be wiped out of existence. She is like an impregnable fort around us. As a sincere and simple love for Her will grow in our heart and soul, our life will be filled with Her sweetness. If we have accepted even once the Mother and Sri Aurobindo as our friends and guides they will protect us from worst always. They are constantly present with the supreme light, power and love to take us forward through a dozen lives to the divine union. A day must come in the life of every devotee, adorer and disciple of the avatars, when the sadhak will emerge into the blissful vision of the Mother Divine who is the only Reality, all and the unfathomable mystery ever drawing us nearer, closer to Her heart of Love.
Om Douce Mère, Thy Victory, Thy blessings for all, Thy Peace in all.


The pure Spirit

Niranjan Guha Roy
April 2000
The Isha Upanishad says that all the forms animate or inanimate, all the worlds are habitations of the Lord, the Supreme, the Immanent Divine. It can be said with equal truth that the Lord, the Divine is the Eternal Being, One and multiple yet indivisible has created all the forms animate or inanimate, out of His own substance and inhabits all of them. The pure Spirit is the first substance, all the worlds and beings are its own formulations. It is the formless transcendent Conscious Being who is the Source, the Origin, the continuum and the content of all self-manifestation and yet the Supreme Spiritual Reality and Being beyond all formulation. The ocean can be such a continuum containing all that lives in it, the fishes and animals which have no separate existence and are in fact, formulations of the Ocean, but the existence of the ocean does not depend on all it contains. The Supreme Brahman is an absolute infinite eternal conscious Being. The universe is a minor term and the individual existence is a minor term in the universal existence yet the universe and the individual are direct formulations of the One. The Divine is seated in the heart of all living beings but very few are aware of Him and His equal Presence in all beings, in the universe and beyond. The sea-animals and fishes are not aware of the common indivisible Origin and their indivisible unity. Man, the mental being even at the summit of spiritual development, has not the full perception of the absolute unity of all existence in the transcendent Reality, the Conscious Being, the Eternal. Only in the supramental consciousness, all the divisions disappear along with all pain and suffering, strife and death in the divine immortal ananda of the all-pervading eternal presence of the Supreme Spirit. Vasudeva sarvam, the Transcendent Shakti who is All and infinitely more.


The working of the supramental on earth

Niranjan Guha Roy-May 22 2000
Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have introduced the Supramental in the earth evolution. It is a luminous divine Power of essential Unity based on love and Knowledge far beyond the obscure ignorant ego-driven divided mental consciousness. As yet the Supramental has not created anywhere a group small or big which is an expression of the Supramental Truth, for the divine principle of unity, purity and Ananda cannot manifest even partially as long as man clings to his humanity unaware of the immortal Divinity in his soul which has no family, no country, no nationality or religion but is universal in its vision, free from ego and desire and cravings of the mind, vital and the body. This formidable revolutionary transformation is only possible in a minority of highly developed aspiring human beings who reject the most sublime form of human life and action totally as fundamentally unacceptable, inadequate for the realisation of a divine life on earth. They are not blind to the enormous difficulties they have to encounter in their own rebellious nature and in a blind ignorant violent, intolerant world. The Supramental is not just working for divinising a few gifted rare individuals but pressing down constantly for uniting, illuminating, refining, awakening the psychic elements in man. There will be as a result of this constant pressure from above a great disorder in the human society as all the set artificial values would crumble down making place for the emergence of a strong aspiration for a life of peace, harmony and beauty free from the turbulent uncontrollable greed for power, fame, wealth and especially pleasure and sex-indulgence. What can be transformed will benefit from the Divine Help constantly present on earth. Whatever is unwilling or incapable would be made innocuous, their fangs and claws disabled, allowing the aspiring humanity to rise in centuries step by step towards the Supreme Mother.


The travel of the soul

Niranjan Guha Roy- 1993
The travel of the soulBorn from the ashes of a flaming sphere, our beginning is microscopic, hardly visible, miserable. Moved by some mysterious energy, a shapeless mass of tissues gradually discloses a vaguely recognisable form, a caricature, a mockery, a hopelessly helpless miniature shape which will one day become a man or a woman hauty and confident ready to conquer the world. What an illusion all the same. A simple fall, a stray shot or a tiny fly puts an end to his epic adventure. Not any amount of agony and suffering, not any number of deaths and disasters, not torture, prison, failure and catastrophe can hold back his indomitable spirit. Fallen, riddled, crippled, cut to ribbons his soul hopes and struggles for snatching the crown of Immortality from the unwilling hands of some adamantine Fate. A fragile doll of porcelain never discouraged, throws itself hurtling against a massive iron gate hiding his destiny, blocking his passage, gets broken into tiny fragments. Picking up his broken bones, birth after birth, life after life, he fights for a secure stand, a ray of true light, a sip of the Soma wine, for the deep embrace of a satisfying durable love. From time to time like a dog he gets some stingy crumbs from the sumptuous table of the olympian Lords. His hunger grows fierce and all logic is thrown overboard. An inner fire consumes him day and night. In a moment of grace he knows that he is the son of the mighty Mother, not a whit less than those shining Lords. He knows that his weakness is buttressed by an invincible omnipotence, his dim knowledge is illumined by a giant star, his soul, a heavenly charged spark of the Divine. God walks by his side and lying under his feet supports his weight. When he struggles to pull in the net, the helping hand of God is always there. When he fumbles through the night, God leads the way with a glowing lamp. When he cries in pain and despair, God’s loving hands caress his wounds and apply soothing balm on his bleeding heart and soul. The true seeker knows that he is a boat, God the master and captain, that he is a rose, God the delightful fragrance, that he is a mansion, God the noble proprietor and indwelling Lord. Admitted into a vast spiritual freedom from birth and death, he goes in and out of the house of life as required by the unfolding play. He lives for the mighty Mother, in her service forever, sustained by the felicitous influx of her love and grace.


The true vision

Niranjan Guha Roy – France- 2002
In the true vision, this world, our earth is a field of progressive manifestation of the Divine, the Absolute, accomplished, realized by the Divine Shakti, the Supreme Mother Power. From a burning ball of fire She has brought the world to a point where the first conscious figures of the Supreme, the One, are slowly emerging in a new race of divine beings developing and growing under her care and direction.
In the divine vision all matter is a spiritual substance, hiding in it the One, the Divine. All the beings are her creations out of her own substance. She is the shaping power outside the being and the emergent dynamic Godhead in the heart and soul of all human beings. Whatever man does, all his actions derive their force from Her and each being does and becomes what She decides and makes it. The independence of our will and action is an illusion, each one is driven by the Nature Power whose whole aim and labor is to shape and create living images of her Master, Companion and Lover, the Supreme. From the burning ball of fire to the emergent divinity in man is her stupendous work and labor of love for the Divine.
As the divinity in the human soul becomes by her Grace conscious of her shaping power and supremely skillful, artistic hands at work unceasingly with undeviating love and delight for the Lord, the human soul can become a conscious witness and collaborator in the most inconceivable work of transformation of a clod of earth into priceless divine gold. By the grace of the Mother Divine, as he becomes more and more conscious of the most benevolent power helping him to come out of ignorant suffering in the luminous divine felicity, he surrenders everything, his thoughts and feelings, his fancies and dreams, his present and future with an ecstatic faith to the Mother Divine, and in that perfect surrender discovers the supreme bliss of union with the infinite eternal Mother Divine, wonderful, irresistible and unfathomable Mystery.
May our surrender be free from the least friction of ego.
Om Sri Aurobindo, our benevolent Master, illumine all the dark spots and pockets of resistance to the working of the Divine Mother.
Pranam, Pranam, Pranam. With our profound gratitude.

about transformation

Niranjan Guha Roy
Letter to a friend
About transformation
Outward changes come in answer to our deeper aspirations of which one may be conscious even in a faint way. The Divine wisdom is always at work developing events in our life with the single aim of awakening a greater consciousness individually and collectively. These days, I am again thinking very much of the future evolution. It is a very long process to say the least. I am trying to figure out the spiritual powers and agencies at work in the world and in ourselves what are the best ways and means to prepare ourselves to receive these transforming forces, how can we hasten the process, and what might be the progressive stages of transformation.
Since I came to the Ashram in 1946, this problem of transformation has fascinated me. When I was at college I was already convinced that one day man would be surpassed by a superior species of course I had no idea of the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo at that time. At least I had found out then that our mind is very limited in its capacity for knowledge. When I was accepted in the Ashram by the Mother, I was absolutely fascinated by the vision of the supramental evolution. My spiritual progress was very chequered with big ups and downs. But the vision of a new race has always been a great source of inspiration and strength to me. The conscious evolution of a soul into a superior spiritual and divine being is the greatest boon and adventure offered by the Divine to a human being. First and foremost, by whatever inner and outer effort, we must discover the psychic being in the heart centre. Then through aspiration, meditation, concentration, through any and every spiritual discipline, we must open our mind, life and body to the superior levels of spiritual consciousness above our head, more precisely over the highest centre at the top of the head the thousand petaled lotus as it is called. Then will begin a very intense and doubled movement of force descending from above irregularly at first, then regularly at will and even spontaneously. This Force or Shakti will awaken, purify and liberate hidden and latent forces in mind, life and body. Above all, it will gradually liberate the hidden psyche or psychic being at the heart centre. All spiritual aspiration comes from it, but in the human nature it is deeply veiled by the unconsciousness of our lower truth nature. Sri Aurobindo says that the psychic being cannot be fully disengaged from the lower nature unless a highest force of the supramental consciousness descends and transforms the lower obscurity and unconsciousness. Only when there is a complete, unconditional and fully conscious surrender in every part of our being, this original force of divine dynamism can begin to work. When one belongs to the Divine consciously, integrally, when the least trace of ego or separative existence has disappeared, then a supreme working for transformation starts from above. But even this stage is far removed from the immediate prospects of most people except a soul here and there. From then onwards, we enter into the domain of evolutionary mutation or transformation so to speak. The Agenda of the Mother starts from this point. So for most people it will be a sealed book for they lack the corresponding experience. But in the Agenda, there are a thousand things of prime importance for the development of yoga. The Mother sometimes speaks of different people. You should be careful not to take a superior attitude for we shall find the very incapacities, movements of ignorance in ourselves. Our work cannot be complete until every movement of consciousness, every thought, emotion, feeling, sensation is a wave, a ripple in the vast eternal ocean of the indivisible divine consciousness – when there is nothing else, no one else except the Divine in one total consciousness. Well … we have a time filling programme for centuries to come.
Now a little bit of speculation based on hints, glimpses, flashes from higher domains.
This body is the chrysalis in which the divine body (psychic being) grows into a condensed substance of light. But this is a long process. The chrysalis must be made to live a long time 300 years minimum says Sri Aurobindo. So in order to live that long, the chrysalis undergoes a vast transformation permitting the butterfly to take its time for growth. The Supramental manifestation by Sri Aurobindo is the story of the transformation of the chrysalis Once the butterfly is fully formed, it is not born in the human way nor does it have any correspondence with the human body, as we know it. The Mother in the Agenda speaks about the transformation of the chrysalis or the human body She makes the advent of the supramental being realisable in practical terms.
Now coming to the basic condition of a divine transformation. We are on the way in a definite manner once a firm and regular connection is established between the divine force from above the head and the dynamic, active, open-heart centre. The Divine, pouring in the vase the wine of soma is a symbolical image of the spiritual action. So the heart centre must blossom and it may itself call down the rain of the divine force from above for its opening and liberation of the hidden psyche, the immortal portion of the Divine in one mortal body.


The window of the soul

Niranjan Guha Roy
May 26, 1981
It has become to me a constant poetic experience to see and feel one infinite eternal consciousness and Being penetrating everything in existence, forming the substance of everything in existence in physical and subtle domains. Each individual is like an open window through which the Being is looking at its own myriad formations. Through each window, each soul, the Being discovers and perceives and experiences a new universe. No two windows are similar. Your universe is unique and different from my universe. The Being looks at itself through myriad eyes. We live and die as long as we look out of our individual windows. But the moment we step back and realise ourselves as the Being, we attain immortality of the Eternal Spirit. As long as we are looking out, we are all really dead, at least ephemeral. When we look in, we are one with the Eternal.