soham Soham
I am Narcissus, in love with myself,
I leave no domains unturned in search of an iota of bliss,
In pain, in the grand dissolution and violent extinction,
In my own unformed, nameless all devouring oblivion.
I drink oceans of poison to fill a moment of dullness.
I am utterly free, desireless, needing nothing, pure,
Alone, vast, silent, self-fulfilled, poised in myself.
I cleave new roads, make my mirrors crystal clear
In order to see better and reach my distant unrevealed Self.
I impose silence on unruly waves and roaring winds
In order to hear through millions of awakened voices
That imperishable anthem of the liberated soul.
I am Brahman, I am That One, eternal, infinite,
Forever mysterious unfathomable Ocean, Blissful.
Soham, Soham, Soham
Niranjan Guha Roy

Harmonies of the future

i liberty
Harmonies of the future
Old familiar harmonies, associations,
Ideas and ideals are fast disappearing.
New harmonies, fast, majestic are facing
The barrage of mountains and mountains
Of limited melodies, chamber music and ancient themes.
Man holds on desperately to his past monuments,
Ideals, loves and hopes of a narrow limited nature.
Man’s consciousness thrives in the littleness,
In little pleasures and hopes.
It feels drowned by the Ocean’s surge of a new vast symphony
Of a creative urge of the Supreme Lord.
Man clings to his world, shabby, dark cabins, gets hopelessly
Lost in the magnificence of boundless luminous horizons.
Whoever can throw away the chains of the past
And welcome the onrushing supernal, unlimited, unbroken,
Timeless, boundless harmonies of the future
Will emerge into the new world.
Niranjan Guha Roy

The marvellous dawn

 the dawn

We are at the dawn of an incredible marvellous world.
This time the earth is non only saved but transfigured
By the appartion in the evolution of the earth
Of an absolute Power
A Light destroying all obscurity
A Harmony erasing all conflicts
A Love that is a Felicity unconditional.


Niranjan Guha Roy

The tiny spark


The tiny spark

I ride the wild winds and enjoy
Flying over the green hills and dales,
I rise like a rocket in the sky,
Then dive into perilous seas for fun.
All earth is my home, all people my own.
In a flash I am where my hands are needed.
I obey the command of my Sovereign, Mother Divine.
I am Her faithful, fearless soldier on duty.
Her Light gives a shine to my thoughts and emotions.
Her Force makes me do what my soul most desires.
Her Love gives me all I need in life and more.
By Her Grace, a tiny spark becomes a giant Star.
Poem Niranjan Guha Roy
Illustration Christine Alkov

Daring Harmony

daring harmony

Led by the Organist the soul broke into the wide rapture
Of a daring harmony in a moment of inner liberation.
Walls fell apart, boundaries were rescinded.
All the nations, men, women and children across the oceans
Joined in an immense upward venture even unknown to themselves.
Devotees aspiring for Truth beside the tomb of the Avatar at night,
Fortunate pilgrims conscious recipients of a New Light from Above,
Scientists in love with their work intent on finding out the secrets of life,
Astronomers sounding the spaces, technicians engaged in ballistic projects,
Mill-hands toiling in factories, mechanics bent over the lathes,
Farmers gathering a golden harvest of wheat, paddy and maize,
Women picking tea-leaves and oranges, flower-girls and vendors of laces,
Pilots concentrated on the dials of their supersonic jets,
Captains of cruisers, sailors and soldiers, famished minds seeking knowledge,
Leaders of finance, architects of highways, musicians, artists and poets,
Numberless humble people who grumble and take the crumbs offered by fate
And crawl through rainy days and sunny lanes to the natural end,
Fomenters of trouble, revolutionaries, gamblers and death-dealers,
Starving children, the dead and the dying, prisoners without ransom,
Perverted visionaries who would gladly blow up creation,
Even those who hate the Divine and work against His will,
All in that miraculous instant gathered around the sacrificial Fire of Grace,
Solicitous bees surrounding the Mother-Queen to draw their sustenance of Faith.
Unknown to us, our soul participates in a magnificent plan.
Niranjan Guha Roy 1960

The divine mutation

The divine mutation

May Thy all-seeing, all understanding, all harmonising self realising Will be done. Its action is too vast, complex, and recondite in this chaos of turbulent desires and violent hatred to be perceived by our mind. Each person is a microcosm representing the whole world and all the forces in it. By yoga we become a little conscious of the tremendous unceasing deadly battle between the forces of the past unwilling to give up their strangle hold on human beings and supremely auspicious divine forces which work day and night to liberate the soul of man from the mortal grip of the asuras and lead him to an eternal consciousness of unfading Light and Bliss. We cannot become divine by any amount of personal effort. This material universe is the field for the manifestation of the absolute Consciousness where the absolute Consciousness is involved and has slowly emerged through evolution, first as crystallised matter, then life in matter and again mind in vitalised matter, and now That is preparing to emerge as a divine being in the mental vital being, the man. The monkeys have not made any effort to become man. Now we are willy-nilly participating in our own evolution. But this perception is false. For nothing really depends on us. We may truly say we are witness to a formidable divine mutation taking place on earth. We have not grown into a man or a woman from our embryo by our own effort. We will not grow into something more even by our all-out effort. An almighty Will-Force is working to transform these mud-vessels into chalices for the nectar of Gods. The Super Nature is the only Power at work. Our yes or no has no place in Her working. Any amount of earthen jars will break in Her shaping process. But the emergence of the divine race is an absolute inevitable certitude. Every moment this world slips in the oblivion of the past and a new world appears from the unmanifest Mystery. Every moment a quantity of dark unconsciousness dies and a quantity of luminous consciousness is born. One day it will be all Light and Bliss. Our hopes and dreams of a world of peace, harmony and beauty are early intuitive rays of a marvellous Dawn to come, a new divine creation on earth, infinitely surpassing our wildest imaginations.


Niranjan Guha Roy 2000